Anti-microbial Defense

Anti-microbial Defense

Goze cases are the #1 Doctors Choice. That's because the anti-microbial agent is built into the polymer, meaning it never fades or wears off leaving 99.99% of microbes DEAD!


S.O.S. - Amplify Your Life

Side Out Sound - Amplify Your Life

Our case offers the user 250% Sound Amplification with No Batteries required! Enhancing music, ringtones, alerts, notifications, and gps function.

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Since our launch in November of 2015, goze has been pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. We offer what noone else does because we are capable of doing what no one else can.
We are the first and only line of anti-microbial, sound amplifying smartphone cases. Purposefully designed,sleek, eye catching and sophisticated.
The design came to us two fold. Sound Amplification, followed years later by anti-microbial.

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