A long hospital stay for one of the founders, Philip Caban, brought an issue and an idea to mind. Phones are gross. They’re used constantly, by everyone, and they go with us everywhere. The gym, the bathroom, during the daily commute, while cooking, you get it.

Phil noticed that great care was taken to keep clean by everyone in the hospital. Washing hands 100 times, hand sanitizer, gloves and special clothing. The one thing that didn’t get changed or washed were electronics.

Fast forward a few years and a lot of research and you have goze. The first and only self cleaning, no fuss anti-microbial cell phone case. We can’t tell you all our secrets, but we’ve infused the material with silver ions, and silver ions kill everything. The active agent never gets weaker, never wears off, and is completely safe for anyone and everyone to use. No BPA’s, PCB’s, or any other bad acronym we don’t like.

We offer a sleek and stylish anti-microbial case that protects your phone from the things you can see (like the floor you dropped it on yesterday) and the things you cant see (like the sticky spot on your counter where the package of chicken was just sitting).

Studies show that 75% of people use social media exclusively in the bathroom. You’d hope everyone washes their hands (you know not everyone does), but who washes their phone? No one. Studies have also shown that cell phones are the dirtiest thing people own. Dirtier than money, and harboring more harmful microbes than a public toilet seat! Yup! More microbes and nastiness live on your phone than that scary bathroom at work!

We’ve got you covered though, you never have to worry again about where you put your phone down or what you touched, goze has it covered.

about goze

Since our launch in November of 2015, goze has been pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. We offer what noone else does because we are capable of doing what no one else can.
We are the first and only line of anti-microbial, sound amplifying smartphone cases. Purposefully designed,sleek, eye catching and sophisticated.
The design came to us two fold. Sound Amplification, followed years later by anti-microbial.

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