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A portion of all proceeds are donated to DKMS

DKMS began with one family’s search for a bone marrow donor. In 1990, Peter Harf and his daughters went door-to-door in an effort to find a donor match for his wife and their mother, Mechtild Harf. They registered 68,000 donors in just one year. Sadly, Mechtild lost her battle, but in her honor, the Harfs started a bone marrow donor center (DKMS) that has since grown to be the world’s largest. DKMS now have branches in the U.S., Germany, the U.K., Poland and Spain. Globally, they have registered over 6 million donors and provided more than 57,000 patients with second chances at life.

Carina Ortel & Anthony Daniels Delete Blood Cancer

Your Phone Case Helps Save Lives

Their mission is their name. They work every day to delete blood cancer by inspiring as many people as possible to register as bone marrow donors to provide patients with second chances at life. It costs DKMS $65 to register each new donor. Because they don’t want these costs preventing someone from becoming a potential lifesaver, they never require registrants to pay. Instead, they rely on individual, foundation and corporate contributions to help keep registration free so they can sign up as many people as possible. Goze donates a portion of each case sold to DKMS in order to help them in their quest to delete blood cancer


about goze

Since our launch in November of 2015, goze has been pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. We offer what noone else does because we are capable of doing what no one else can.
We are the first and only line of anti-microbial, sound amplifying smartphone cases. Purposefully designed,sleek, eye catching and sophisticated.
The design came to us two fold. Sound Amplification, followed years later by anti-microbial.

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