#gotcheeks? Chances are the answer is yes and that’s good news. Because that means you might be able to help save someone’s life. You don’t need money. You don’t need status, or education, or connections, or anything like that. You just need some cheeks.


#gotcheeks was written and developed by co founder Philip Caban in an effort to try to help save the life of someone he mentors, and the other co founder of #gotcheeks, Anthony Daniels. Philip and Anthony met in 2014 and since have formed a close bond. As a professional speaker and mentor outside of goze, Philip began writing speeches for Anthony when he went to events. One of those speeches for the annual DKMS gala, where Anthony would be addressing an audience full of donors and supporters. There and then is when #gotcheeks took life on the public stage.


Anthony is a unique and exceptional young man with an equally unique and exceptional story. Anthony is 24, has been fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma for 5 years, and manages (somehow) to find the energy and will power to campaign on behalf of other people fighting the disease. He also happened to pick up the habit of boxing (link to video of him boxing) during this whole cancer battle. Yup…boxing, as if chemo isn’t difficult enough. We told you he was special.


With some help from the amazing and motivated people at DKMS, who we partner with regularly to host cancer drives, Anthony got some amazing opportunities this year to tell his story. Which is why you may have seen him on Good Morning America, in People Magazine, or online on People’s website this past year. He also caught the attention of Bradley Cooper, who joined him on Good Morning America, who he now calls a friend.

The purpose of the #gotcheeks is to get people on the registry. Period. The more people on the registry the more potential donors. The more potential donors, the more potential matches. The more matches, the more saved lives. It’s a simple idea but not easy to get done. Which is why we send a portion of all proceeds to Anthony Daniels, DKMS and #gotcheeks to help fund the effort to get more people registered and save more lives.


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